The Afronomadness Collective is a social experiment from self-organising and autonomous community management, offering services on several fields of action; we come from the private sector where we work as creative professionals.

Our affirmative action is based on the idea that when we support and provide for ourselves, we create resources for the community through contributive organisation and participation, sustaining each other in our immediate environment.

We also make sure to create and contribute with the necessary knowledge, to unlock our capacities and talents to evolve and strive collectively, as we are a living organism as a society, an ecosystem where each individual part is interconnected and must be regarded as a necessary piece of our social immune system.

Our philosophy and working methods are ethical, with a social, educational and professional function. We reinvest part of our fees in our social work program.

While we offer the opportunity to participate in the implementation of community support from social awareness and personal commitment. Giving you the means to support our initiatives, our various projects, the people who opt for self-employment in the digital and creative sector.

We are a contemporary representation of Europe and its multiculturalism, we are looking for effective ways to connect and create alliances between different identities, supporting those we perceive as most vulnerable, underage children, youth above all and intuitive and talented women.

Much of our work involves participating in cultural development, democratising the access to digital arts, branding, corporate image conception among other things.
Caring and cooperation are our fundamental purpose, they also inspire our willingness to participate in social and labour change.
This is one of our commitments and our way of working, placing the human factor at centre.

Our approach aims for transversal equity including education, emotional intelligence and anti-racism as a universal value.
Health also concerns us to promote human development integrally, as for the maternal-emotional realm, affecting the construction of identity, to that we see the correlation with a sustainable consumption of products which protect public health and the environment.

Afronamadness Servicios

Afronomadness Collective, is an effective and collective tool that will grow with more and more experts, as the citizens that we are, decide to act for the evolution of our society.

We all have something to contribute.


Our professional services here.


Fancy joining in?

AfroFemKoop collaborating entity.
Afro-feminist social organisation.

In our CONTRIBUTIVE VOUCHER PROGRAM, we offer the possibility to sponsor anonymously part of our community activities, on a regular basis
and punctual occasions. To enable our collective to develop, providing support to the community and quality services through our various initiatives and projects.

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