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AfroFemKoop is a project, a social and solidarity initiative.
An Afro Feminist social organisation with residing in Barcelona.
We share with this group of women many ethical values ​​and principles.

The collective was created as an association with the purpose of becoming a cooperative with social undertaking.
A non-profit cooperative that aims to care for people in which the benefits are not distributed, but reinvested in the activity itself.

First and foremost, it is about self-organisation done by and for the
community, they represent as women of color, following in the footsteps of resistance as a historical tradition for survival and mutual support.

This multidisciplinary team is building from alliances confiding in each other, working from a set of skills, sustaining themselves while collectivizing their gifts, talents and professional aptitudes to grow and evolve together.

Another important value they stand for, is the eradication of hierarchies of power that make voiceless bodies invisible and feeds internal and intra-community struggles.

This organisation manages itself autonomously as we do in Afronomadness, from its experience in various fields, its resources, materials and activities.


AfroFemkoop values ​​are



We associate ourselves with their example of an innovative impulse based on horizontality, collective decision-making, organisational self-management in addition to Afro Feminist practice.

Their approach is a similar one to ours with a strong willingness aimed to support children, youth and women of African descent. Focusing on educational and cultural progress, as well as in support of professional development. Applying the method to individual growth, to strengthen collective health, as well as the whole of their community.

More detailed information on how it works, projects, activities and services can be found, following the link.

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Grimey & AfroFemKoop

Fundraising T-shirts in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

This is our first official collaboration with AfroFemKoop as a collaborating entity which in turn partners with the Grimey clothing brand.
Two different t-shirt designs are currently up for sal, to support the rights of the various communities of African descent that are represented by the global #BlackLivesMatter movement.

All the funds raised thanks will go to a health program for children and adolescents of African descent.

They’ll receive:

– Psychological support.
– Menstrual education
– Afro-centered education
– Personal hair care support

Afronomadness Collective will take on the personal hair care support. Advising the families that need it, with a restorative approach to re-establish hair routine and tips from the emotional connection with the parent. Preparing personalised fresh vegan cosmetic to match what was highlighted in a previous consultation.
All our raw materials are free of harmful petrochemicals and have an organic certificate.

We leave more information about this fundraising here.


You will also find in this link more contrasted data that explains our
involvement with cosmetics aimed at the various Black communities and especially when it comes to growing bodies.

Our self-funded and self-managed initiative, The Petit Comité, offers an alternative response to a public health problem.

Untangle Black Kids Health



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