Toddré DaLaura Monier is a eternal student as she puts it…
She is a student of life, of art and of love.
She is an observer.
She is a learner and a performer.
She readily performs for herself and it amuses others.
She is a lover without a lover.
She is a global citizen with strong roots in Africa, in the birthplace of the modern day Ku Klux Klan with shallow roots in LaLa Land.

She is a star shining bright.
Sometimes she is her own constellation.
Constantly breathing, constantly learning, shifting and showing out.
Tomorrow she may be someone else.
Tomorrow, you may not recognize her, be able place her or have anything to compare her to; but you will feel her.
You will feel her intensity and that is enough for Today.

All right reserved © 2018-2019 Afronomadness Collective
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